How do I define my AI skill/chatbot instructions, input/output examples?

Last modified: July 28, 2023
Providing clear and specific instructions, input examples, and corresponding output examples is essential when creating AI skills/chatbots. This information helps the AI model learn and understand the desired behavior.
  • Instructions: Write detailed instructions that guide the AI model in processing the input data and generating the desired output. Specify the steps, rules, or criteria the model should follow.
  • Input Examples: Provide a range of input examples that cover various scenarios or data patterns. These examples help the AI model learn the patterns and variations in the input data.
  • Output Examples: Specify the desired output or response for each input example. The output examples are a reference for the AI model to learn the correct behavior and generate accurate responses.
It's recommended to provide diverse examples to ensure the AI model's versatility and accuracy.
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