Can I edit or modify an approved AI skill/chatbot?

Last modified: July 28, 2023
Certainly, it is possible to edit or modify an approved skill. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Access the Excelify Creator Center dashboard.
  2. Locate the specific skill you wish to edit.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the skill.
  4. Keep in mind that any modifications made to an approved skill will necessitate resubmission and re-approval by the Excelify team.
For a smoother process, we advise the following approach:
  1. Create a new AI skill or chatbot.
  2. Implement the desired modifications in the new skill.
  3. Thoroughly test the new version to ensure it functions as intended.
  4. After testing, submit the updated skill for approval to avoid any potential downtime during the transition.
By following these steps, you can efficiently make changes to your approved skill without interruptions to its functionality.
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