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What Is Artificial Intelligence?

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What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines. AI is the study and design of systems that exhibit behavior patterns characteristic of humans, animals, or even artifacts such as robots.

In layman’s terms, AI can be defined as software that mimics human thinking and learning. The goal of AI is to create programs that can learn from experience and make decisions based on those experiences.

The history of AI
AI has been around since the 1950s when Alan Turing created the first program that could pass for “thinking.” In the 1960s, researchers at MIT developed the first AI system called the “Turing Machine,” which was designed to imitate the thought processes of human beings.

Since then, AI has evolved into many different sub-fields, including machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more.

What does this mean for marketers?
Marketers have long used data to inform their marketing strategies and tactics. However, with the advent of AI, data scientists will use algorithms to analyze massive amounts of information in real-time. This means that they can predict consumer behaviors before they occur.

For example, Facebook uses AI to detect fake accounts and spam posts. Similarly, Amazon uses AI to recommend products to customers based on their past purchases.

As AI continues to evolve, it will become an integral part of our daily lives. It will help us automate tasks, improve customer service, and provide insights that we couldn’t get otherwise.

Here are five ways AI will change how marketers do business.

1. Improve customer service
Customer service is one area where AI excels. Today, customer service agents spend up to 80% of their time taking calls and emails from unhappy customers. With the introduction of chatbots, this number should decrease significantly.

Chatbots are automated virtual assistants that answer customer questions via text or voice. They are often integrated into websites or mobile apps. For example, Zendesk Chatbot answers customer questions about your company.

2. Automate repetitive tasks
AI can also be used to automate routine tasks. For example, IBM Watson can diagnose medical conditions by analyzing patient records. Other examples include self-driving cars and robotic lawnmowers.

3. Reduce hiring costs
With the increase in automation, companies will need fewer employees. As a result, they will save money on recruitment costs.

4. Provide better content
Content creation is another area where AI can improve results. Content curation is the process of finding and selecting relevant pieces of content to share with readers.

AI can be used to find and select the most critical articles from thousands of online sources. Then these articles can be shared across social media platforms.

5. Increase productivity
AI can also enhance productivity. For example, Google Translate translates texts between two languages within seconds.

This makes it easier to communicate with people who don’t speak your native tongue. Additionally, it allows you to read books and other documents in their original language.

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